In an emergency always have your personal medical information with you


Allergies, conditions, religious beliefs, medications, emergency contacts, implants and devices, organ donor status

mi-SOS, always have your vital information with you


Incapacitation, dementia,
confusion, learning difficulties and children

mi-SOS , always have your vital information with you


Easy-to-use, assist with confidence, respond appropriately, avoid doing harm

Find It - Scan it - Read it

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A unique system of QR code based, medical identity wearables that allow rapid access to an online digital ID

One place to keep your information:

In case of emergency (ICE) phone details

Maintain up-to-date medical information

Key documents e.g. insurance policies and medical documents


QR codes are easy to read with most smart phones


Critical information is accessible without signal coverage


Requires no specialist training or equipment

How to use mi-SOS

Check the individual for a mi-SOS QR code

Use your smart device to scan the QR code

Read the vital information displayed on your device

Most smart phones are enabled with a QR code reader through their camera function, for older devices specific QR reader apps can be downloaded


The platform gives you the ability to define what information is visible, meaning you are completely in control of your information and its privacy