Does the band scan the same on android and iOS software?

Many new phones have a QR reader built into the camera, so no additional software is needed. Older smart phones however may need a QR reading software app installed to your phone to be able to scan the bracelet.

How much is a subscription to mi-SOS?

A subscription to mi-SOS is just £12.00 per year – that’s only £1.00 per month to keep an active profile and have a personal QR code!

Are emergency services staff aware of mi-SOS and QR codes?

We have been working very hard with awareness raising within the Emergency Services. For example we have sent briefing documents via communications team to all ambulance services across the UK, we have released a short video clip of the mi-SOS system on Facebook and YouTube and have a project with which to develop the system further with the NHS to help improve safety and care.

What is the advantage of mi-SOS compared to the traditional SOS bracelets?
There are many advantages of a mi-SOS digital identity, but compared to other SOS bands:

  • Do not have to buy and replace paper insert to maintain your details
  • Text size is not limited as the phone screen allows magnification
  • No space limitation so can contain additional key document information e.g. Insurance Documents
  • Quicker to access in an emergency
  • Does not need a waterproof pen
Do I need to have a mi-SOS account to purchase the bands?

Yes, you have to have a mi-SOS account to purchase the band however this can easily be done at the same time you want to purchase a band from within our online shop.

Can I order mi-SOS for other people?

Yes, as long as you have consent.

mi-SOS online account

How do I subscribe to mi-SOS?

Go to : https://account.mi-sos.org and select “login” at the top right.
On the next screen, under login you will see “new to us?” – then click the blue “register” link to take you to the registration screen

How do I reset my password to mi-SOS?

Go to : https://www.mi-sos.org/ and select “login” at the top right.
On the next screen, under login you will see “cant remember your password?” – then click the blue “password” link to take you to the reset process.

How do I access my subscription to create a profile?

Go to : https://www.mi-sos.org/ and select “login” at the top right.
Enter your email and password you verified with mi-SOS
Select SOS account and then Create new profile

How do I access my subscription to update my details?

Go to : https://www.mi-sos.org/ and select “login at the top right.
Enter your email and password you verified with mi-SOS
Select SOS account and then select the profile you wish to update.
Don’t forget to click the “I am hidden” button to make things visible on scanning!!!

How do you upload a document image?

You log into your profile as above

Select “Files”

Add a File

Choose your file (from your current folders)

Give your file a name e.g. Photo of Me, Medical Insurance Policy etc…

Click on Submit

Note – Don’t forget to click the “I am Hidden” button to make it visible on scanning!!!

Delete the file from here is easy if you make a mistake

How do I cancel my subscription?

Within the SOS account, you can proceed to “cancel my subscription” which will remove your account with all profiles and deactivate all associated QR codes.

Alternatively, if you do not renew your profile subscription when the reminder email is sent then your profile will expire

Can I have multiple profiles on an account? Eg; for families?

Yes, you can create a profile for your children or your parents (so long as they have given their consent for you to do so). We recommend that you keep details invisible on public scanning so only a name and an emergency contact phone number is available to the public should this be scanned.

mi-SOS wearables

How do I find my bracelet size?
  • For pop-on bracelets – please consult our size guide and select the most appropriate size
  • Watch strap style – these bracelets fit a range of wrist sizes
  • Sports bracelets must be cut and fit to size by yourself and can be a bit fiddly so please consult the instructions to see if you can manage
Are the bands plastic?

No, the pop-on bands and sports bands are all made from silicone. This is the same material as standard “charity” bands are made from.

Can I wear my band 24/7?

We have performed tests where the bands have been worn 24/7 however it is still our recommendation to remove the band overnight for sleeping

Do the bands contain latex?

No. Our bands are made from pure silicone and a special spray oil for the outer coating to give the colour and the soft, smooth touch. They do not contain any latex.

What about care for the band and wearing of the barcode

By putting the logo and QR code on the outside they are more recognisable and available in an emergency. Having the details on the outside however means that they are more prone to wear. The panel which we engrave is slightly recessed in the bands to protect it however plates are raised and prone to scratching. We recommend frequent scanning to ensure the QR code is readable.

I have lost my bracelet, what should I do?

You must ensure that if you lose your bracelet that you log on to your account to disable your QR code. To do this, you click into your profile,

View QR code

If your bracelet is missing, click the link to disable the QR code and generate a new one.

Note* you will now need to replace your QR code bracelet or plate.

Payment and delivery

Is this site secure? Do you store my payment details?

We use an SSL certificate to encrypt communication with our site. We do not store any payment details and do not have access to any payment information. We do store the information you enter onto the mi-SOS system to allow us to produce your QR code. This data is stored in a secure data facility and although the information you enter is encrypted, you personally make the decision and select what information is visible to public on scanning your QR band.

Can I return Items I have purchased?

As each item you order is specifically personalised to your requirements, we are unable to accept returns for any item unless the item is faulty.

How long does dispatch take?

We dispatch most orders the same / next working day but this will depend on when you place your order. We will send you an email just as soon as your order has left our facility. We are closed on Saturday and Sunday so orders placed over the weekend may not be dispatched for a few days, but your order will normally be produced and dispatched within 3-4 working days as a maximum.

How long does delivery take?

We dispatch the majority of orders the same or next working day, although at peak times and at the start of a working week it might take a couple of days for your order to ship. Once we ship your order, it can take up to 10 working days for UK delivery and up to 20 working days outside the UK – although these times are the worst case and the postal services are usually a lot quicker than this.

Where is my stuff? I have only received part of the order

If you have ordered multiple items in a single order, we will normally send them out individually in separate packages. Also, depending on the processing schedule, the items in your order may be sent out on different days.