Dawn’s Story

mi-SOS was established following a health-related scare from CEO Dawn Price in 2019. Alone in the house, when emergency services were called, Dawn was unconscious and with an incredibly slow heart rate.

With no previous health related issues, the emergency services could only offer their standard emergency care during this critical time.

Although her medical intervention was successful, the time to treatment was critical and according to her cardiologist she had ‘a lucky escape.’ Dawn was given a Pacemaker, told to carry a device passport with other care information and to inform people of these in case of an emergency. This was not compatible with her busy professional and personal lifestyle.

Peace of mind

Dawn needed peace of mind and saw an opportunity to help transfer critical personal information in a range of emergency situations. Using her experience with medicines and health information systems, mi-SOS was created. It empowers the public to intervene in an emergency with instant access to vital personal information (digital ID), which is stored on easily recognisable medical bands.

Our team

We have built a team of dedicated and enthusiastic medicines and health information systems experts, with an outstanding customer care team, to offer our unique system of QR code based, medical identity wearables and rapid access digital ID.

Dawn Price

Chief Executive Officer

Lisa Armstrong 

Chief Operating Officer

Dan Price

Sales & Marketing Manager:
Business to Business

Ikenna Egwu

Technical Services Manager

Zac Mavin

Business Administration Manager

Jan Hall

Chief Legal Compliance Officer

Stephen Hall

Manufacturing Manager

Sarah Walsh

Sales & Marketing Manager:
Business to Consumer